Tenant Selection & Vetting

We are paid the same management fee regardless of whether a tenancy is hassle free or troublesome. As we believe the success of the tenancy begins with tenant selection it therefore is in our best interests to ensure:

All applicants complete the REIQ application form which asks all questions the Privacy Laws will permit

All applicants’ names are put though a tenancy Data base (TICA) checking for any recorded “bad past”

Applicants are always “informally interviewed” by a member of our staff.  This process allows us to assess the body language of applicants, question them a little bit deeper and provide us with further insight and an overall impression of suitability/ desirability.

Applicants’ current /rental history is checked.  In addition to confirming the length of tenancy and the rent paid we also ask questions about the overall care of the premises, their track record in paying rent on time and any other pertinent information. Some applicants may not have rented in recent years but could have sold or are in the process of selling their home. In that event we do check with the selling agent about the overall presentation of the home.

Employment details are confirmed and we do ensure that the income earned qualifies them for the amount of rent on the home they are applying for. If self employed, accountants will be contacted and if new to the country sight of bank statements with sizeable deposits and balances will be called for as well as email/internet verification from their previous homeland.

Personal references are confirmed and verified