Marketing Your Home

We will provide the following services free of charge:

  • Digital photos of your home will be taken (we do strongly recommend professional photography and your new business manager shall discuss these options with you)
  • Your home will appear on our rental list, which is placed in our fully illuminated window so after hours marketing also takes place. Our rental list also enjoys good exposure with relocation agents and other companies or persons of influence. Our rental list does not provide street numbers so potential applicants are not able to “grab” lists from our office and do a reconnaissance. They must talk to us and we are able to guide them to homes that best meet their criteria.  Prospective tenants appreciate the chance to discuss their needs and in turn we are able to more accurately place tenants.
  • Your home with many photos will be listed on three different websites including our own user friendly and attractive website.
  • With permission a colourful and eye catching “For Rent” sign will be erected in front of your home.
  • Classified Advertising in the Courier Mail can be done, the costs of which will be passed onto you. We have monitored the response to such advertising for many years now and believe there is an insignificant response, if not, no response at all to small classified adverts.  Most tenants do make use of the internet to search for their new home and do not turn to the print media for assistance.