Maintenance & Emergency Numbers

watch Please remember that these phone numbers are only for emergencies.


Due to our professional indemnity Insurance requirements we are unable to attend to routine maintenance unless brought to our attention in writing. Maintenance request sheets have been provided; these can either be brought into the office or faxed. Alternatively requests for maintenance can be emailed. Please ensure you specify which property you are living in, provide best contact numbers and a detailed explanation of the nature of the problem i.e. specify which tap in which bathroom is leaking etc. It is important that necessary maintenance is brought to our attention as soon as it is noted. Time frames for having the maintenance attended will vary according to the instructions we have from the landlord and the nature of work.. We instruct trades people to make direct contact with you to arrange a time to attend to the necessary repair. Should you not have heard from anyone within a reasonable period of time please do contact us so we can give the tradesperson a friendly reminder. You are not authorised to contact trades people directly unless there is an emergency situation outside of our office hours. Your lease Agreement, a handy pin up slip contained in this pack, as well as our website provides the details of repairers who can be contacted for after hour’s emergency situations.  Emergency situations are clearly defined by the Residential Tenancies & Rooming Accommodation Act and include matters that affect safety and security, loss of power, lack of hot water, burst pipes etc. Please ensure the problem is a legitimate emergency before calling a tradesperson as you could be charged for the call out, if the matter was not indeed an emergency.

source (Refer Clause 30.1 of the Standard terms of the Lease Agreement).

Tenants appliances are often the cause of tripping power, likewise failing to top up the hot water system results in a lack of hot water. Please ensure you have eliminated these as causes of the problem before calling for a tradesperson, failure to do so could result in you being responsible for the costs incurred.

follow site TAP WASHERS / LEAKING TAPS – Will be fixed by the Lessor. Notify for maintenance.

BLOCKED DRAINS – Responsibility of the Lessor, unless caused by the Tenant. Notify for maintenance.

STOVE / HOT PLATES – It is the Tenant’s responsibility to correctly use and clean hot plates and oven but generally it is the Lessor’s responsibility to repair any faults.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL UNIT – Responsibility of Lessor unless used contrary to instructions. They are designed to be used with a strong flow of running water (cold).  Do not force large objects through and leave water running for approx 30 seconds after grinding. Blockages caused by cutlery or inappropriate use will be your responsibility.

ELECTRICAL REPAIRS – Responsibility of the Lessor unless caused by negligence. Notify for maintenance.