Locks, Keys & Vacating

LOCKS AND KEYS – All original keys issued to you at the start of the tenancy must be returned. Failure to do so will result in locks being changed at your expense. Please do not change locks or add any new locks without permission from our office. You must supply our office with keys for any new locks.

AIR CON AND GARAGE REMOTES – Failure to return all remotes at the end of the tenancy may well result in either a new air con or garage motor being installed at your expense. All air cons require the remote to change settings and modes and there are many brands and models that the remotes Alone are no longer able to be obtained. Similarly many garage remotes are no longer in stock.   

LOCKED OUT – Should you lock yourself out of home outside of office hours, for personal reasons staff are unavailable to assist. It is your responsibility to arrange and pay for a locksmith. During office hours you may borrow the keys we hold to the property, however we are unable to bring the keys to you, you will have to collect them from and return them to the office.

VACATING – Tenants must give two (2) weeks notice in writing in the official format ie Notice of Intention to Leave (FORM 13) of intention to vacate: Rent is charged until the property is vacated – that is, until keys are returned to this office and is calculated on a daily basis after the expiration of the lease.