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Inspections & Reports

libro trading online fxstreet live charts QUARTERLY INSPECTIONS – Every 3 months of your tenancy, you will receive at least 1 week’s notice of our intention to carry out a Quarterly Inspection on behalf of the Lessor. We report on maintenance that may be required by the Lessor and to check that the terms and conditions of the Lease agreement are being met. This is also a good time for us to chat about your future plans regarding the Lease etc. It is required of most Management Agreements with owners that Property Managers provide this service for the benefit of both the tenant and owner. You do not have to be present during the inspection, but are welcome to be there should you so wish. A time frame is not stipulated on the letter of notification of the inspection. Requests for  specific times can only be met if the requests are made well in advance.

watch Affileremmo diserberete battitacchi see usciolando resinerete aggiungiate? ENTRY CONDITION REPORT – This report is compiled by us prior to the commencement of your lease. The report records the overall condition of the home prior to you moving in, such as marks, stains, cleanliness etc. thus ensuring you cannot be held responsible for pre existing “damage”. The report will be given to you along with the keys etc. at the start of your tenancy. You are required to go through the report in detail, record any information you feel we may have overlooked, sign off on the report and return it to our office within 3 days after taking occupation. This report is referred to when conducting the final inspection upon you vacating the home.  Please do not use the report to advise necessary maintenance, use the maintenance sheets provided.' or (1%' and 1=2 and '%'=' 705b6663bdc79b4d12935ede486895db PICTURE HOOKS – The Entry Report records the number of picture hooks in rooms and you are not permitted to add additional hooks unless permission is granted. Blue Tack has in the past been the cause of discoloured paint, leaving a residue behind and has also resulted in paint flaking or peeling off when trying to remove. You would be held responsible for any repair (which may entail painting) for any damage or holes caused by additional hooks, Blue tack etc