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Discrimination, Minimising Problems, Building inspections source url DISCRIMINATION – Applications may not be rejected on the grounds of discrimination or because of any personal prejudices. Applications can only be declined if there are valid and plausible reasons such as poor rental references, insufficient income to justify the rent payment etc. If caught engaging in discriminatory practices severe legal consequences apply to both agent and landlord.

see url follow MINIMISING PROBLEMS – Tenants are required to attend a ‘‘Lease signing ceremony” at our office. A detailed explanation of the do’s and the don’ts, the how to and the how not to, takes place. The tenant is required to sign a check sheet confirming such explanation did indeed occur. This system minimises hassles, if not ensuring a successful tenancy for your property. BUILDING INSPECTIONS – at the start of any new tenancy a landlord does have the obligation to ensure the premises are safe and free of any latent and patent defects that may result in injury to the tenant. Whilst we have inspected (or will be) your home, and have noted (or will note) any visual damage, we are not able to comment on the safety of staircases, the structures of pergolas etc. It is, therefore strongly recommended that your home is inspected by a building inspector who is licensed and qualified to do so. Having a report of this nature will ensure you have complied with the requirements of the Residential Tenancies & Rooming Accommodation Act and will also stand you in good stead in the event your tenant experiences an accident in your home. Please contact us if you wish for a building inspection to be arranged.