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Carpet Cleaning, Fumigation & Pest Control

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go to site Our lease Agreement requires the tenant to have the carpets professionally cleaned at the end of their tenancy. In addition if pets have been kept at the premises, the home must be deodorised and sprayed for fleas. We however cannot enforce either of the above if this was not done for the tenant prior to the start of the lease. It may be prudent to supply us with a copy of the carpet cleaning and flea-spraying invoice (if applicable) to keep on file. That way if the tenant ever queries or disputes their need to clean/spray we are able to put the issue to bed almost immediately.

http://mustangcipowebaruhaz.hu/?sisd=otto-opzioni-binarie&dca=38 http://mhs.se/lyse/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments PEST CONTROL:

http://www.goodlight.it/?bioreresd=opzioni-binarie-simulatore&2d3=3f Owners are obliged to have a home treated for pests on an annual basis. Pests have been defined as any pest that occurs naturally. Commercially this would mean an owner should spray (usually at a tenants request) for cockroaches, silver fish, spiders and ants. Rats and mice also pose a problem from time to time and if unattended to can result in electric wiring and cabling being gnawed at potentially resulting in fires and expensive repair work.